Hello and welcome to my first (non-news article) post!
(The photo to your right is me eating the best veggie burger ever in probably the greatest state ever [Colorado]…. heck yes)
So I entered our exectutive summary for our business idea in a competition. The top prize is $25,000! (2nd=$10,000 and 3rd=$5,000.) If we won any of those we could pretty much just start with our business. But I am not going to get my hopes up. I send it in Friday night and will hear who the top seven finalists are this coming Friday.

Brian and I got a house. yay! It’s super cute and old (compared to what I am used to in California.) 1939. We moved in this past weekend. It only have one shower in the basement (that’s right Californians, I said basement,) and the one down there is gross. There is a bathtub upstairs, which sounds nice in theory, but not when I’m tired and just need a quick shower. Oh and we couldn’t fit the queen bed up the stairs to our guest bedroom. So sorry Tina and Adam, you may sleep on something smaller at Christmas. But other than that we love it! We worked outside yesterday, I planted flowers while Brian and his dad moved dirt. Fun stuff. And we have nice neighbors. And a huge backyard. Anyway, we are excited. K bye.


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