Stories of Hope from

Venicia – the Netherlands

Venicia was a university student in Nigeria having trouble getting money for her tuition and books. Another student told her about an “aunt” who helped people get an education in Europe. Venicia dreamed of graduating from the university, finding a job and sending money back to support her family.

“The “aunt” was very nice and helped me get my papers,” Venicia explains. “On the third day after arriving, the woman said I had to work. I asked, ‘What work?’ and she said, ‘No jobs except prostitution.’ I said, ‘no,’ and she sent a man to rape me. She also sent in people to beat me.

They locked me up.”“I ran away one day and went to Germany where I was picked up and put in a refugee camp. The camp was a bad place. I became pregnant in this camp. Praise God I delivered 5-month-old Gerald.”

Venicia is now safe with her baby boy in one of Shared Hope’s nine Homes of Hope in Amsterdam. She lives in an apartment community with other rescued women. Venicia is just one of many who have benefited from the computer and small business training that Shared Hope International established through the Women’s Investment Network (WIN). Through this job training,Venicia will soon be able to provide for herself and her child Gerald.

Story and picture from Shared Hope International


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