Excerpts from What life is left after slavery?

By Sallie George

BBC News,

“the experience of living in captivity – sometimes for years – had a profound effect on the women she had seen. “

“She is violated repeatedly, daily, accompanied by physical violence and verbal insults.”

“She loses her sense of self, her identity.

“Life becomes devoid of any meaning and she can never be free of the horror through which she has lived. ”

“Her sense of femininity has been annihilated. “

“She shuts her eyes and sees the horror. “

“She looks at her body and the scars and physical pain serve as a constant reminder. “

“All men are potential rapists and any hope for the future of which she once dreamed has been robbed from her. “

“She finds herself repulsive and she believes that her past is transparent to everyone.”

“Most of the women counselled by the foundation had been forced to ‘serve’ upwards of 20 customers every day. “

“Many had been beaten so badly they had sustained multiple head injuries, with several going on to develop epilepsy. “

“Many had become pregnant after being raped. Pregnancies were frequently terminated by traffickers but five of the women had young babies conceived while working as prostitute. “

“The women lived in fear that following their own escape, their family would become targeted by traffickers, while others had been rejected by their families when they had learned of their fate as a prostitute. “

Quotes and image from BBC News
For full story go to http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/6430561.stm


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