Citizen Of Where?
Tammy’s thoughts on consumerism.

The more I learn about where products come from the less I enjoy shopping. Which is good I guess? I went to Linen’s and Things to buy a stool for a desk that Brian made for me out of a door. (We put it on hinges so that it can fold up when we need the extra space in my office, isn’t that great?)

Anyway, I wanted to make the desk at counter height so that I could also stand at it and pack boxes when the time comes. That meant I also needed a counter height seat for it. I’ve searched for one for quite some time. The girl in me said “yay! Sale on the same stool I want at Linen’s and Things! Plus a 20% off coupon! So I drove across town to get it. I walk inside the store (after almost getting hit by a car in the parking lot, it’s a parking lot, slow down!) I sound like my mom 🙂 . She’s a nice lady so that is okay.

Anyway, I go into the overstocked store, stuff on the shelves to the ceiling, stuff on the ground, stuff in the isle. I found the seats only to find that my stool is not actually a stool. It is a regular chair height seat masquerading as a stool because it posed in the picture for the ad with other stools. But oh look… they do offer the same style in stool height, for more money!!! They tricked me!!!

<< — Me mad at the store

So after I’d been had, I walked out buying nothing. I am glad that I didn’t buy it. I don’t know who made it, how much they were paid to make it, if their work environment is safe and clean.

The more I become informed of how our consumerism effects other people, the less I feel like a citizen of our culture. I would love to see Fair Trade in mainstream department stores, better yet, I would like to see a department store of fair trade goods that is as popular as Macy’s for adults and Hollister for the teens. But it takes everybody taking a stand and supporting the movement of ethically made products. Even just asking the stores that you shop at who makes their clothing and if they have proper pay and treatment.


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