God is my superhero… and Brian is His sidekick…

Amazing… is our God. These past few weeks have been such a roller coaster. If you have read my post below you know that I was attacked on our local bike trail. Then a couple days later Brian found out that he would be flying to Washington DC every week for his job. Great opportunity…bad timing. Last week was his first week. I was scared the first couple of nights but each day got a little better. It is good to have him home this weekend. Then this past week I got a violent reaction to Poison Ivy (or oak?) all over my face, neck and stomach, making me feel miserable….

BUT! The best part of these past two weeks was today. Today was something that only God could orchestrate.

Brian plays racquetball every Saturday morning with his dad. This morning I asked him to stop at get something at the store afterwards. He did and then came home. As he was driving home, he saw a man on a bike. He fit the description of the man that had attacked me. He passed him and came home. As he was coming in the house the man started to pass our house. What timing! I was brusing my teeth in the bathroom and he rush in and some “hurry, hurry, hurry, come here quick seriously!” I went to the winder, (I still had toothpaste in my mouth,) and he said is that the guy. I could only see him from the side/back, but it ceratinly looked like his build. So we jumped in the car and drove past him.

He was riding quickly because it was on a downhill. We drove past him and I turned around to get a look at his face…. DEFINITELY him!! I got out my cell phone and called the Chief and told him that we had spotted him. Brian pulled in the parking lot of a bar so that we could allow the man to ride past us again. The chief said to keep on eye on him and that he was fairly far away but he would hurry over. We tried to stay behind him but ended up passing him.

Just then we saw another cop who was clocking cars. We pulled in to the small lot that he was sitting in, and watched the man ride right by us again. I rolled down my window and quickly fumbled out the words… “I was the one who was attacked a couple weeks ago and that man is the one who did it!” He told us to wait there and he went after him.

I called the Chief again and he said that they had got him, and the he was coming back to get us. He pulled into the lot and we got in the back of the car. The Chief then took us to the next lot where the man who attacked me was standing. He pulled around so that I could get a really good look at him. I pulled my hair over my face as he swung the car around and he was standing a cars length away from me. That was him, without a doubt.

He is now in the county jail for the night, and will know if he is eligible for bond tomorrow. Then there will be a trial in the next 30 days where I will have to testify against him. The Chief said he had admitted to being on the trail that day, but said he didn’t attack anyone.

I hope the trial goes well. God has got His hands all over this though. Pray for me to have the right words, and pray for this man that he gets help. He looks very empty, and he has a past record of drug abuse and larsony.

Thanks for keeping up with the story everyone…



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