Professional Business Card Organizer….

The other day I was at work, and I was alphabetizing business card for my boss. It took quite a while. I was sitting there looking for funny last names when it struck me…. What Am I Doing Here?! I am organizing business cards and doing the little jobs that no one else likes to do so they give them to me, for a living. Not that I don’t like helping other people out, but this isn’t exactly where I thought I would end up at 23 years of age. Brian and I should be out on some adventure or something right? I think I worry too much about what I am doing with my youth, but nonetheless I worry about it. I decided that I would make a list of all the jobs that sounded fun and I thought I would share them with you. They are all pretty far fetched, and it ended up looking like a child’s list of what they want to do when they grow up. But I can still dream right? So here is what I came up with somewhere in between the D’s and the U’s.

Forest Ranger, Wilderness Guide, Scuba Instructor, Camp Director, Park Tour Guide, Jewelry Maker, Artist, Wicker Furniture Weaver, Photographer, Coffee Shop Owner, Cupcake Shop Owner, Organization Specialist (In someone else’s house!), Search and Rescue, Seeing Eye Dog Trainer, Greenhouse Owner, Art Therapist

I also found some funny names…. ready…

Korrect” – Kinda of an oxy-moron yeah?
Dudzinski” – Could be a nickname for my maiden name.

And here are some pictures of some flowers in our yard I took today at lunch….



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