“Tina Tammy, Tammy Tina!”

So Tina and Adam came for a visit. It was sooo great to have them here. Brian and Adam get along so well which makes it really nice. They are perfectly happy leaving together and allowing Tina and I to have some sister time. They went to the gym together, disc golfing, and Adam was even Brian’s “date” for a wedding. Tina and I went shopping and out to coffee. Good times. Then we took them to Madison, WI on Sunday. Love, love, love Madison. Talk about different than Morton! Not that I dislike Morton, it is just nice to feel a little more surrounded by like minded people. Signs like “Buy Locally”, stores selling buttons that say “Hate” with an X through it, bumper stickers that say “you must be the change that you want to be in the world – Ghandi”, fair trade coffee shops, and people with dreadlocks riding barefoot around town on bicycles. wonderful. Back to reality today, back to work. But feeling a little more refreshed. Here are some pictures from the weekend…

I like this picture because if you enlarge it, all four of us are in it. I am the one in the hat, Brian is in the left lense, and Adam and Tina are in the right lense.

This interested me because Fresno (where I’m from) has the largest Hmong population outside of Asia. Here is a Hmong protest that was going on in Madison. They were in support of Vang Pao, who has federal criminal charges against him, for plotting to overthrow the government of Laos. The white shirts symbolize peace and purity.

And this is Tina and I at a ::gasp:: Feminist book store. We spent a lot of time in there actually. She can correct me if I’m wrong but Tina and I would consider ourselves Feminists. We are not radical, we are not lesbians, and we are not pro-choice. But we are pro-women. I think the word “Feminism” carries so much anger and emtion with it. So many people in the Christian community are against it. But why does faith and feminism have to be so seperate from each other?


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  1. I’m jealous of you guys! When do we get to have a Amy, Josh, Ashley, Jared, Tina, Adam, Tammy, Brian day again?!

  2. Dignity Regained

    For my mom’s birthday! (October, we will let you know when we have definate plans.) She’s 50 this year!

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