Why Not?

So Brian and I were supposed to go to McHenry (north of Chicago) on Sunday for his cousin’s high school graduation party. McHenry is two hours from Madison. Tina and Adam were still in Madison for a conference with InterVarsity. So close! Hmmm…. why not. We did just see them last weekend, but how often do we get to see them two weekends in a row?! Not ever. So!

So I like surprises. No… I LOVE surprises. One time, when we were living in Arizona, we drove to Bakersfield unannounced. Tina and Adam were having a wedding shower and we just walked in the door. They were so surprised! Also, one time, when I was at Moody, Brian drove for a half an hour just to surprise me with a smoothie from Jamba Juice because I had a lot of studying to do. Such fun…
Anyway! So we didn’t tell them we were coming. We left Saturday morning and got into Madison about 1 pm. Brian called Tina while I parked. He figured out where she was at and we started walking that way. But she saw us first. I heard “I KNEW you guys were here!!!” She said she could hear it in Brian’s voice. But Adam was playing basketball so he was surprised when we showed up at the park. Here is Tina and Adam looking shocked and surprised….

Oh I miss them already. Here is all of us at the park by the lake.

And here is my new favorite coffee shop. ::sigh::

So then we hung out with them and they were kind enough to give us their bed for the night. We left in the morning ::tear:: for McHenry where we also had lots of fun playing badminton and volleyball. Back to reality….


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