Friday Again…

Thank goodness. Although it doesn’t feel like Friday, because Brian has been home all weekend and we had the day off two days ago. So it has really felt like the weekend just happened.

Highlights of the week for me…

– Going to see some folks we know perform in Westside Story. Good show.
– Having friends Doug and Jamie from Chicago staying with us Tuesday night. Short stay, but really good to see them.
– A day off on Wednesday, spent relaxing, drawing, eating, and watching Zoolander at Aaron and Jamie’s.
– Seeing Evan Almighty last night with Brian. Really really good movie. Very clean, funny, and heart warming. All the things I like in a movie. 🙂
– And we get to go to Flat Top Grill tonight! One of my favorite restraunts to go to, make your own stir fry.
– Tomorrow morning it is off to the big city for me. Leaving early to go Chicago where I get to see Erin (Mossuri), Angela (Novia Scotia) , and Anna (Michigan but living in Chicago). I haven’t seen them since my wedding two years ago!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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