So I’m taking a quick break from studying for a test I have on Wednesday to tell you about the weekend. I met up with some girls that I met at Bear Trap in Chicago on Saturday morning. It was a nice little short adventure. On the drive over I listened to live earth on Sirius. For some reason it made me feel more connected to the rest of the world.
So I got there and parked the car at the hotel. What kind of hotel charges $18 for parking!!! One in Chicago I guess. Arg. So then I got on the L (or El or whatever, it’s the elevated train,) and we went into the city. We did so much walking! But the L was very convenient. We went out to breakfast and then to Chinatown. I had a boba tea, (or bubble tea) and saw what year I was born, (year of the pig).

hmm… “symbol of raw power, stamina, and vitality. Sincere, honest, loyal, fun loving and can be the most accommodating friend imaginable. Often lacking self control, the can succumb easily to over indulgence and corruption and therefore cannot be trusted with managing money. Pigs possess considerable talent in the arts and would do well as an actor or entertainer. Pigs can along well with all except snake and money. ”

Now I don’t want to be too pessimistic about the way they have figured things out, but I’m not sure if they can put every person that was born in the year 1983 into this category. 🙂

Then we went to Wrigley Field were the Cubbies play and to the Hancock building. To dinner for deep dish pizza and fireworks at Navy Pier. Then out for a drink. Very full day. Sooo tired now. Must sleep.




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