Taking a Break…

So I’m studying, but I need a small break. I’m writing a paper about the book “Balancing the Christian Life” by Charles Ryrie. It’s going ok. I’m trying to be more “gung-ho” with my classes, the due date will sneak up on me soon!

I haven’t blogged for a while, but I am addicted to reading other people’s blogs. Even if I don’t know them. And when I do know them, and they haven’t updated their blog when I check, I think “Update your blog dang it!” So I figured I should update, just in case someone is thinking that about me. Haha, yeah right.

I wanted to share a great find. I got this tea pot at an Estate Sale, for a dollar! Well, Ginny bought it for me because I didn’t have a dollar on me. But isn’t it great? The green in it matches our kitchen.

So I had the stomach flu last week. That was fun. On the day that I was supposed to take a test for my class. I need to reschedule now. (Not part of my gung-ho plan.) That’s ok, I probably needed a break.

I came home from work today, let the dog out, and promptly sat down to work on my paper. But I hear a really loud buzzing noise. I was sitting in our nook area, and looked up…and there was a wasp!

Ever since a couple of bees were out to get me at a picnic in Ohio a couple years ago, I have been very very afraid of things that sting. So I closed off the kitchen (which is attached to the nook) and called Brian. Or course, at the moment he is slightly far away, and not able to do a thing about it. I contemplated calling a father-in-law or a brother-in-law to come kill it. I am almost in tears, but worked up the courage to get close enough to hit it with a fly-swatter. (They really should make those bigger.) Before killing it, I even left the room to put on pants and a jacket over my dress, just in case it landed on me.

So all this to say…when did I become such a wuss? I used to be “Studley-Dudley”, not afraid of very many things. When did this happen? I think it happened somewhere inbetween living in Colorado and becoming a receptionist.

Here are some pictures of a lizard that we found in our house! Brian said it was weird because he didn’t think Lizards were very prevalent in Illinois.

Well, I’d better get back to reading and typing!



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