The week is catching up with me! I got to go to Washington DC on Friday to see Brian. It was a whirlwind weekend, but it was good. We saw a lot in two days…the White House, Smithsonian, Smithsonian Castle (lame), the Capitol, Lincoln Memerial, George Washington Memorial, Theodore Roosevelt Island, China Town (where Brian’s apartment for a couple of weeks is), and lots and lots of buildings. It was hot and muggy Saturday, and rainy on Sunday. But good. Then I can back Monday morning, just barely making it on time through security to get to my flight. Here are some pictures from the weekend….
Here is me with a Picasso. Brian said we matched.
Another Picasso, I think it was called “Nude Woman” or something….
This is just Brian walking, but I really like the picture.
And this is Brian at the Capitol building,
And Brian posing next to the George Washington Monument,
Me again, representing California at some memorial, I don’t remember what it was called.

This is us on Theordore Roosevelt Island.

So then Monday I got back about 1 PM and drove straight to work. Then there was a pool party for our church age group that I went to Monay night. Lots of really really cute kids, all doing cute, funny, and enteraining things. Then Tuesday night I ate three ears of sweet corn! at Rob and Ginny’s, grocery shopped, and cleaned. Theeennn last night I had some girls from MMC over. We made this:

It is Spinach and Toralini cassarole. It turned out so-so. Kinda bland. Owell.

And tonight, I get to go to my screen printing class! Yay! I’ll show you later what I am going to print… it’s a surprise. Tomorrow Brian is home! yesss….




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