New Products Coming Soon!

We placed an order. Finally! I know!

I am really excited about the up and coming products, and returning with a few of out products that we sold out of. I thought I would give you a sneak peak at some of our new product (all Fair Trade Certified).

Here are the hand applique “Tree of Life” bags from a women’s cooperative of 272 women in West Rajasthan, India. This is a region affected by draught.
And here are the women making them.

We also hope to return with the Oversized Floral Tote:
And my favorite, the Bone Bracelet:

I hope that you are as exctied about our new products as I am about selling them! If you don’t like something about the way we are doing things, please let me know! We are really new at this and still learning. You won’t hurt my feelings, (well…you might, but I’ll get over it).
We are hoping to get business cards soon. We still are in need of a logo. We have been developing our packaging a bit more. Here is a picture of an order that I sent to my lovely mom:

Keep an eye out for the new stuff in the new couple of weeks!



3 responses to “

  1. peaceful WARRIOR

    i’m excited for this stuff! I definitely have the money to buy this time!

  2. Hi Tammy!
    I read this article and thought of you. It is about the search for “ethical” clothing, specifically a bra. Make sure you read both parts.
    Love your site…hope its going well!


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