If Airhead’s Had a Nation…

…then I could be their queen for the day.

***(If the following story doesn’t interest you one bit, at least scroll down and see the cute Chase Lounger I got!)

I decided to wake up a bit earlier today. I usually wake up about 6:30-ish. I give myself 5 minutes to lay in bed and think about what I should wear, then I get up and do the usual. Shower, clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, purse, grab some sort of mobile breakfast (cereal in a bag, nutrition bar, etc.), then to Eli’s coffee then work. That was too much information for my story…

So I set my alarm last night for 6:00 instead thinking I would get up and take my morning slow. Of course at 6 am I wanted another half hour of sleep. So I got up and reset my alarm for 6:30. Then I woke up on my own, looked at the clock, and it was 7:07! I had to leave for work at 7:15! I grabbed my dress and ran upstairs for a shower. I ran back downstairs and looked at the clock on the mantel, “6:45”. Huh? Kitchen clock, “6:45”. I went back to my room, and looked at the clock. I investigated a little, and instead of resetting my alarm, I had reset my clock! Such a dork. Then I left my sunglasses on the counter at Eli’s. Dur.

So anyway, that was a story only meant for the few that care (look at my blog header).

Here is the chase lounger that I got at an estate sale for $40!

The style isn’t for everyone, but I think it fits our house, and it looks like new. Sorry for the poor lighting.

Brian and I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday. We spent it driving to the airport at 4:30 am to drop Brian off. Last year we spent it driving for 15 hours from Colorado to Illinois, and we had a romantic dinner at Taco Bell.

But we really did celebrate on Sunday night. We went out to Rizzi’s which is an Italian restaurant in Peoria. (We also celebrated last year the weekend before the day of, we spent a few days on vacation with Tina and Adam at the Grand Canyon and then a couple in Ouray Colorado. )

Ok well my lunch break is almost over.

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