Did you watch Dateline last night?

I did. I thought it was a pretty good report. I liked that they brought up a lot of the issues such as what the traffickers will tend to say, like

“I can find you a good job in another country and take you away from your bad economic situation”

“She owes us this much money, and has to pay it back”

and how they make the girls (and boys) feel like they had better stay and comply because they have a “debt”.

…and they talked about how other countries can be really corrupt in their dealing with traffickers.

It was a great story of heroism, but I felt like they didn’t dive far enough into the problem. They gave us a few big numbers, but they didn’t give enough examples of the enormity of the problem. There are thousands of women and children that aren’t lucky enough to be found so quickly, or found at all. They feel forgotten, and like no one cares. Even after researching the issue day after day, I am still stopped dead in my tracks by the fact that this is happening right now. As I type. Women and children are being raped, and they are living it everyday, every week, month after month. How can we not being doing more? Why aren’t more people outraged?

We are not just citizen of the US, who should be looking out for each other…we are citizens of this world. How can someone turn their eyes from the sale of the virginity of an 8 year old girl? I do realize that the problem seems to paralyze and make people feel helpless, and we all have pressing problems of our own. But the people in this country as a whole should be outraged to the point of writing to our politicians saying, “this should not be happening! What are you going to do about it?”

There was a comment that I thought was good on a message board today…

“We are continually controlled by a political machine which puts its agenda before the rights of the people. When did we begin putting a price on the cost of doing business with these countries? Human beings are not bargaining chips. There aren’t any goods or services so valuable that it offsets basic human rights.” checkler

Some food for thought, (and action!)


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