To the People That Work at the Office, and Call the Office…

Since I’ve become a receptionist and professional business card organizer, “Arg” is a word I’ve used a lot. More so in my thoughts than out loud. (And I say it out loud a lot!) In case you are interested in a little rant, here are my pet peeves. And you don’t want to make the receptionist angry, she may be at the bottom of the food chain, but she’s the office mommy. (An anagram for my first and middle name is Irate Mammy, haha.)

To start out with. I really do like the people I work with. They are great. I’m blessed to be here. But we are all human, and there are a few things that really get under my skin. Please…stop

10. When you walk in every morning and I say “hello” or “good morning” and you don’t even look up, not even a nod. Do I have receptionist cooties? Too good for the girl that answers the phone? Hm? Hm?

9. When you rush behind my desk to look at my screen and ask “do you have a minute”. I wait quietly at the door frame of your office for you to look up when I have a question for you. I don’t interrupt or try to find out if you’re checking your personal email. And yes I was checking my own email. So?

8. When you walk out to the lobby area to talk on your phone. I guess that part doesn’t really bother me, it is the lobby. But it does bother me when you do it and lean on my counter, and talk loudly. Quoting Budweiser commercial “Nothing says ‘I’m important’ like a man on his cell phone yelling, ‘I’m important!!’ ” Do I come to your office and lean on your desk when I have a personal call? Do you think I don’t have anything better to do than to listen to your loud mouth conversation.

7. When you have coffee and leave the coffee mug in the sink. “It’s soaking.” Um you don’t need to soak a coffee mug unless you ate oatmeal in it a week ago. Just wipe it with the rag and put it in the dishwasher. Unless you have brought your mother with you to work, clean up after yourself!

6 through 2 have to do with the people that call here. Many of you are really nice, but I will memorize your phone number and avoid your call if any of these sound like you…

6. No I will not paige the CEO. If you really were his friend you would have his cell phone number.

5. When you call here over and over and over again. Asking me to page so and so, and I tell your everytime, no, if he didn’t answer the first time, he is busy. I can only be nice about it so many times.

4. When you call, and you are already angry. It isn’t my fault that so and so hasn’t been at their desk for the last five minutes. It isn’t my turn to watch them. But I’m willing to get up and walk around to find them, if you are nice about it.

3. When someone calls and says, “hi, uh, yeah…someone from your company just called my number and I missed the call. Do you know who called?” What do you want me to do, make an announcement? No I don’t know who called you.

2. while we are on the topic, when someone calls and asks, “yeah, is Joe there?” “What’s his last name” “oh I dunno.” Or when I tell someone that the person they are asking for works out in the shop, which means they can only receive emergency phone calls and messages and they reply, “oh, can I leave a message then?”

And by far, my number one pet peeve is…

1. When anyone at the office, visiting the office, or calling the office, calls my “hon”, “honey” or “sweetie”. That is the point of no return for me. Please don’t ever call me any of those. My name is Tammy, some call me Ms. Cody, even Ma’am if you are trying to get me to call someone so that you can try to sell them something. The only people that are allowed to call me pet names are my husband, parents, and grandparents. And don’t think that you are exempt because you are old enough to have grandchildren. I just put you into my creepy catagory.


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  1. You’re funny

  2. haha, love it. I think you should post this in an inter office memo.

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