Hagar International Spotlight

“We are passionate about the recovery and restoration of exploited, destitute and rejected women and children into life in all its fullness.”

“Hagar focuses its efforts by assisting the women and children in Cambodia who are dealing with serious crises in their lives, as well as those who are the most vulnerable and at risk. Founded in 1994, Hagar is a Swiss-based Christian development organization which has been helping Cambodia’s disadvantaged women and children by giving them a second chance to rebuild their lives through a range of integrated social and economic projects.

Hagar consists of a number of projects and businesses which focus on the prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of women, mothers and children who have been abused, abandoned, trafficked and impoverished. The projects and businesses also operate together to integrate the spiritual, educational, social and economic needs of vulnerable women and children.”
Hagar International provides shelter, community education, a foster home program, aftercare, job opportunities, a water filtration project, community learning center, and more. They have four social enterprises which include Hagar Catering, Hagar Design (where some of our bags come from), Hagar Soya, and Hagar On Time (HOT).
We are very excited to be carrying Hagar Design bags!

They are of wonderful quality and there is a story of hope in each one of them.
**information and pictures from www.hagarinternational.org

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