Free Giveaway!

This is our first giveaway ever! **yay**

So I’ve seen that other companies that have blogs give away things from time to time. “What a great idea!” I thought to myself. So I’m going to do the same.

Here is how it works. Just leave a comment in the comment section of this posting. The comment must be a suggestion for Dignity Regained. It could be a suggestion for the website, the store, what we carry, what kind of events we should have, anything!! (It doesn’t matter how normal or off-the-wall it might be.)

A week from today I’ll choose a comment at random and send you one of our Bone Bracelets that are made in India! (The picture is a bit bright.)


2 responses to “

  1. On the website, you should have a section to post additional ways to get involved in the fight against trafficking. Maybe listing informational workshops that are happening in different areas or information on laws that are in the process of being passed – complete with numbers for senators – or other simple (and free) ways people can help out!

  2. arg, i missed it! You’ve got my attention though and I’ll be checking back for future giveaways!

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