On the next “24”…

I’m not even sure how I came across this website, but I found a new hero of mine. Alex Martin. She designed and created a brown dress that she wore for an entire year. She called it a “one woman show against fashion”. I think it is wonderful. At the same time, I am torn. I love clothes and accessories just as much as the next gal. I certainly feel like I can express myself through my wardrobe, but I also feel like there are so many other ways that women can express themselves. Also, by being expressive, women often exploit others, without even knowing it. (Or it may be that they do know it but it is inconvenient for them to change.) The industries of today are full of sweatshops and child labor. It seems so far removed from the store we are shopping in, but we really need to start asking ourselves and the stores, where our products are coming from, and what consumerism is doing to the rest of the world.
I am so proud of her. She has started a new project where she only wears what she currently has in her wardrobe for a year.

In other news…

I turned 24 on Sunday. I seem to have trouble remembering my age and Brian’s age. I thought I was turning 23 and was unpleasantly surprised when a friend told me that I was actually turning 24. I was also excited to throw Brian a birthday party for his 25th birthday next month. Until I told him that I wanted to do that, and he let me know that he will be turning 26 this year. Oh..

Brian took me camping north of Chicago and then to six flags in Gurnee. Both were so much fun. I love to camp. Especially the camp fire. And I love roller coasters and hadn’t been on one in quite some time. I’ll post pictures later. Here is the card that my sister sent me…

It says “birthdays wouldn’t be as fun if you had to spend the day hanging out with ugly children”.

Such our humor.


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  1. I was hanging out with her and adam the day they mailed that! haha weird. I definatly laughed when they showed me.

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