And the winner is..

BrainCandy!! Who also just happens to be.. my husband. “What?”
That’s right, my husband is the only one to comment for the contest. What a sweet guy.
What’s wrong, you guys don’t like free stuff? I’m sensing that maybe the bracelet was a bit too bright for you all? Well we will do another one soon. I hope that it goes better the next time around. But at least we had one happy winner. Look what happened when I told him that he had won!

New Products!!
I just added these to the store. Great little zip bags for cosmetics, or whatever you want. Only $9!

Also, my new favorite! This brown wood and bead bracelet. Beautiful little charms that make it..well..charming!

Only $11!

Have a great three day weekend!


4 responses to “

  1. Bring the zip bag with maroon and blue on it to Cali next month and I’ll buy it! Super cute!

  2. deal! I love it too!

  3. way lame and late, But I had an idea about what I;d like ti see either on your blog or the website!

    A Feature product or company! I’d love to learn more about where you get these things from or a specific organization and what they do. You’re such a great writter it’d be nice to hear a little summary of what this or that does and why you picked it!.

    šŸ™‚ Just a thought

  4. My suggestion, and I’ll check back more often because I want to win free stuff!!!, oh yeah, I think that you should include some kind of size reference for the smaller products. I know you put the dimensions on there and it’s super helpful, but maybe you could have an extra link or something with the product next to a penny or a pencil or in a hand…hmm. Something like that. Awesome stuff yo, Brian better wear that bracelet when comes in October.

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