(**added Friday morning** – I got up this morning and it was actually kinda cold! Smelled so good outside, like in California when the sprinklers are done running and it’s not quite hot out yet, and it smells like wet grass and cool concrete. The smell of the heater in the Jeep reminded me of driving to Seirra Summit to go snowboarding, which was enhanced by the smell of a warm drink from Eli’s. Loved it.)

Sorry for the delay in getting pictures from birthday camping up. Here they are!

This is me, concentrating on our super serious game of “Sequence”
Brian, the amount of mosquitoes was kind of outrageous.
He is showing the extent of that in his expression!
Here is me…after looking at the bathrooms. yesh
Luckily, there were much better ones not too far away. (with showers!!)

And Brian again, starting our fire.
(yeah that’s our super great REI tent in the background that you are lusting after…
you know you want it)just kidding!!

Thanks for looking! Happy Birthday to me! (And to Tina of course!)



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  1. Justifying the Nights

    Yay! Happy Birthday to my favorite twins in the whole wide world!


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