Where did the summer go?
Labor day already! I can’t believe that it is already September 4th. Can you?
Highlights of this past week:
– Friday night Andrea took me out to Flat Top Grill. Probably my fav in Peoria. It was so great! Before dinner Andrea took me to Ann Taylor Loft. They had a dress that I had been eyeing for a while, on sale, in my size. Andrea bought it for me. So great. Then we got to see White Tigers, a Cheetah and a Jaguar that were in the middle of the outdoor mall. Quick stop at Bergners, then to a yummy dinner, and then to Andrea’s house for cake and ice cream with Brian and Graham.
– Saturday morning we drove with Brian’s dad to Ohio for the yearly Elwood fam reunion. (Brian’s mom’s side of the fam.) Aaron, Jamie, and Ginny were already there. We went shoe shopping and I got some great shoes! Sunday was the picnic at the farm. We ate lots of food, and then played some Ultimate Frisbee.
– Monday was more driving. But Rob brought his laptop along and I got all my papers done!

Me and a puppy.
I secretly wanted to hide him in the car and take him home!

Brian and a butterfly. I found him on the ground unable to fly. We think he just got out of his cocoon though because he was flying in the next ten minutes!

Aaron and Jamie looking supa-fly.

And me. This is to show you how long my hair is getting!

So that’s pretty much it. Today was back to work. Blah. I went to the gym to run with Andrea afterwards. On my way to the store from the gym I sort-of-kind-of ran through a yellow light. A little iffy, it was red when I crossed the line, but certainly not the worst red ran in the history of man. The woman behind me went too! Anyway, I get to the store, get out of the Jeep, and this guy walking in front of me turns his head and yells, “you ran a red light!” Surely this guy wasn’t talking to me. He wasn’t saying it in a way that says “ha, ha, I saw you! You totally ran a red!” No, no, it was like “I saw you and am going to turn you in.” Once I realized that he was talking to me, I couldn’t come up with anything to say, so I kept looking right past him. Anyway, thanks Captain Obvious, for letting me know how perfect you are.


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  1. Hi Tammy. Thanks. I am kind of feeling better, but life is just getting overwhelming. Kyle still hasn’t found a job and we don’t have enough money to pay next month’s bills. Hopefully my loan money will come through. I’m trying to stay positive but I’m such a natural worrier. School is going awesome though, I love it!

    P.S. I love your long hair!!

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