Busy, Busy, Busy….

Sorry that it has been a while since I’ve updated the blog. I always get on everyone else’s case for not updating theirs.

It’ll be short because #1, I’m at work taking my break, and #2, I have a lot to do!

September is so busy for me! I can’t wait for October. October is the reward for September. Because on October 5th, Brian and I are going to California!! Yay! Brian will stay until the 12th and I will stay until the 16th. Can’t wait. I keep picturing myself playing cards with my family on the back deck of my aunt’s cabin in the mountains. That’s what keeps me going. We are going to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday with her. She’s pretty great. And she also scored a house for the last weekend I’m there in Morro Bay. I miss the ocean.

So September…
I have two classes due before we leave. Christian Life and Ethics, and Church History. Almost done with CL&E, and much much more to go on Church History. That in itself is so stressful to me. I can’t not finish the courses! On top of that, I am going to testify against the man that attacked me in a trial on the 25th. Which is also Brian’s birthday! Poor Brian. But we are having a party for him that night at our house. So along with the trial comes pre-trials. We’ve gone to one already and have another tomorrow. They are to prepare us for what will happen the day of the trial. Brian is also going to have to testify in court. Which means he can’t be in the room while I testify and visa versa.

I am also signed up to run in a 10k this Saturday with Andrea at the Pumpkin Festival. That has been good, because it has made me run a little more often in the last month. We did 5 miles of yesterday, but I had to walk a lot inbetween because I had a pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ that Brian brought to work for me only an hour before. It was worth it though.

We also get to go to Chicago next weekend to meet a friend of ours that we see a couple times a year. He works for a wonderful missions agency in Colorado Springs called OC International. We met him at Bear Trap when we worked there, and have stayed in contact ever since. If we ever go into missions, that agency is certainly at the top of our list.

On top of all this, our car broke down. It’s dead. We aren’t going to try to fix it again. It’s only worth about $1,000. So Brian ordered a new car! We hope to get it by the end of next week for our trip to Chicago. We got a Toyota Yaris. Excited to have a car that won’t have any problems for a long long time, and one that gets 40 to the gallon! I’ll post pictures once we get it.

Anyway! Enough rambling. Longer than I expected. Appreciate your prayers for the trial. Done with my break, back to work!



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  1. Hi Tammy… heard about the car. Cars suck, but are tragically necessary in Peoria. At least you bought a really great car – Toyotas are awesome cars. Your children will be driving that car in a few years!

    I saw something I wanted to send you – MTV is doing a special on human trafficking. I know it’s not quite the same as your cause is, but I thought you might be interested anyway.


    So long!

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