During the last post, I felt like I was sinking. Now I feel as though I’m floating in the water waiting for the life raft to come get me. (Life raft is symbolic for a vacation!)
I’m taking a break from studying of course. I thought I would post a few pictures for those out west.
Here is Brian in our backyard. We finally burned our yard pile. It was fun for me because I love outdoor fires (the small ones!) and it made my clothes smell like smoke, which is a good thing for me. It reminds me of camping with my fam.
Here is Andrea and myself running in the Pumpkin Festival 10k. (6.2miles) We didn’t finish first, but we certainly didn’t finish last! It was fun to run in a race (I’d never done that before) and to have a friend to talk with the whole way. It made me realize how much I am not a runner. We were pulling up a half hour before the race, and people were already warming up. “I was just going to warm up during the race” I thought!
Here are us at the end.
Brian’s family is all about the pumkin pancakes. And I’m glad! They had a plate waiting for me when I finished the race.
We could hardly stand the cuteness of this little pumpkin capped baby!

And this is my favorite “float” of the parade, following the craft fair, which follows the pancakes, which follows the race. This is the “float” where they dress the wheelchairs of the elderly up in the years theme and push them down the street.


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  1. aww, I love the Pumpkin festival!! Yay for you for running! 🙂

  2. It reminds me of the 4th of July in Loyalton, pushing the elderly through town as the parade goes down the street, and then comes back again…

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