A Lionsgate film called Trade is released today. Unfortunately it is only playing in major cities, but if you have a chance go and see it! You can find a list of cities and theatres at http://www.tradethemovie.com/ in the upper left hand corner of the site and you can watch that trailer. I know that these types of movies can be difficult to want to watch, but we should really open our eyes to these problems in the world. If I were trapped in sexual slavery, I would not want the world to close their eyes and forget about me. Would you?

Also, http://www.fighttrafficking.org/ featured an article about trafficking in Camobodia. I thought I would include it in this post since we have just chosen an organization in Cambodia to raise money for. You can read the article here.

“Sold to a brothel by her family as a toddler, Yorchi Hong Nhea is one of 30,000 sex slaves in Cambodia. Few clients these days are western sex tourists: most are Cambodian men. Three decades after the Khmer Rouge devastated the country, Jon Swain witnesses a surge in violent sexual exploitation.”

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  1. unfortunately this only lasted one weekend here in denver. It’s already out of the theatres.

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