I’m back!

Hi everyone. Sorry for that lack of blogging. Brian and I took a much needed vacation, and after we got back it was difficult to get into the swing of things in a few different areas. Even though I think about blogging everyday, the longer I went, the harder it was to sit back down and write my thoughts. So for now, I’ll just share some pictures from our visit to California. We went to see my family and celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday!

***warning*** There are a lot of pictures that I wish to share. Most of them might be boring to you. But I think I have a strange affinity for pictures that no one would want framed. Those that are just of people making funny faces or acting silly. I think those are the ones that should be framed. I don’t want to remember memories as standing still in a line of people. None-the-less, some of them are of us standing in a line. But I guess that is the best way to get everyone in a picture right? You’ll see what I mean.

First! I have to show two pictures of the weekend before we left. Colts game versus the Broncos. Yay for the Colts who won. Here is our fav, Payton Manning.
And here is Brian in front of the RCA dome just after we cheered the Colts to victory.

Ok… on to the vacay. Welcome to Sunny California….NOT. The first day we were there we got to go to one of my most favorite places. Shaver Lake. It is about an hour from Fresno and it is where I failed miserably and skiing but learned to snowboard and started becoming so addicted to it that I wore my snowclothes to class at Fresno State and went straight to the mountains when my morning class was over every Friday. It is also where Brian and got married! Anyway, this is a snowman that Adam built, on the back deck of Aunt Ellen and Uncle Wayne’s cabin.From left to right: Ellen, Tina, mom, me.
From left to right: mom blowing out candles. 50!

The Dudley women on the shore.

From left to right: Brian’s hand, and a brave duck.

Cutest little girl in the world. From left to right: Riley and the ducks.

Ok enough of the left to right stuff. You realize there is only one person in the picture in some of them. I just wanted to confuse you! hehe. This is me at the big trees.

From left to right: Nicky, mom, me, and Brian. We took a drive to the big trees and then on to the Wishon Reservoir.

B skipping rocks at the Reservior.

After we got back from Shaver, we Brian, mom and I drove to Bakersfield CA where Tina and Adam reside. Here is are a few pictures of all the things that Bakersfield has to offer.

Just kidding!! We had such a good time in Bakersfield. At least they have a Trader Joes and World Market. That’s a lot more than Peoria has to say for itself! Common Peoria, get with the times. Here is us playing a game that I can’t spell and that we changed a little.

Brian and Adam got to play frisbee, and we got to just hang out. Then Brian had to go back to IL. ::tear::

And here is Tina getting her nose pierced! I thought it was fun to show mom this picture. hehe. It was over very quickly and Tina looks super hot with it. But I can say that about her.

After Bakersfield we went to Morro Bay. Fun Fun. Here is Tina and I. We are dressed so much alike we could be twins! Wait.And here is our CD cover. Looks more like I have to sneeze though.This one needs explaining for sure. Here is us crashing along with the wave. More like me stealing Tina’s thunder. This is Adam’s CD cover.Tina and I waving at my mom from on top of a large rock. My mom waving from below. (Dad on the right.) Tina thought it would be funny to see how many times we could get mom to wave back at us. It was a lot and we thought it was funny.Tina and her Yoga photo.Aww…. Tina and Adam. Our favorite couple.Here is your classic stand next to the sign and do the opposite of what it says picture. It says “SHEER CLIFF STAY BACK”And I’ll leave you with our real CD cover. Can I get a “holla” from everyone who is super frustrated with the way Blogger has you upload photos and then arrange them. It messes up everything when you want to add another after already typing!

Thanks for following along!


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  1. funny and informative entry. well done.

  2. great pics! I was really laughing about the part where you were getting your mom to wave at you! That’s great! It was awesome seeing you and Brian. Now all you have to do is move back! 🙂

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