Art For Freedom…

I am very excited that the Art section of our store is going to have it’s first item up for sale soon. If you have talked to me in depth about my dreams for Dignity Regained, you’ll know that I hope to really develop our involvement with the arts. The first step that we are taking towards that is to be an outlet for women who would like to donate their artwork by allowing us to sell it in our store, and then sending the proceeds to an organization that is fighting trafficking and helping the women recover from their traumatic experiences.

Our first artist to donate art will be M. Weinninger, and she is donating a beautiful photograph called “Days of the British”. You will be able to read her bio and see a larger picture of the photograph at our store by the end of the day or beginning of tomorrow. This photograph is $125 which includes a $5 shipping fee. (We normally ship for free but the artwork will require extra protection.)

Let me know if you have any suggestions questions about our involvement in art communities.


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  1. callie m bertsche

    this art is beautiful!!!!!!

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