Nothing special to write about. I guess I could tell you about life in general. We finished our floors, so our furniture is stacked high in the bedroom. I’ve been playing indoor soccer even though I’ve never played before in life. It’s been fun. Even though I feel like dead space out there, but it’s fun.

I could write about all those things. But it seems trite. I don’t know why. It just does.

Oh! I promised some to write about the trial.

So a couple Thursday’s ago we went to the sentencing hearing. It was very tense. The police officer testified, this man’s ex-girlfriend testified, and so did her daughter. It just broke my heart even more for women in distressing situations. Makes me think what the heck I’m sitting at a desk fielding phone calls for sheet metal all day long for. Hm.

So he got five years. In prison. I started to write a blog earlier this morning about my search for justice. About what justice truly is. I’m far from getting close to even slightly figuring it out. So posting about it seemed silly. But I am searching. I guess we should ultimately leave justice up to the Big Guy in the Sky. But as Christians, what is our role in serving justice?



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  1. Great question. I wonder what justice looks like in the midst of healing…I need to update my blog too.

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