What Happened Here?

I’ve mentioned before that to take a short break at work I sometimes read blogs. I like it when bloggers put up links to other blogs they read so that I can find new ones. A while back I found this blog: Justice 4 India. They haven’t updated it in a while, but I checked it today and saw a posting that I hadn’t seen yet. I saw it, and it instantly made me wish I wasn’t at work. It made me think, yet again, how did I land in this spot? I sit at a desk all day long. This is totally not me. What happened here?


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  1. wow, so this is crazy….I was checking out the blog that you linked (justice 4 india), and as I was looking at their pictures, I couldn’t help but feel like I had seen them before. Then as I started reading the blog I realized that it was the blog of Eclesia’s India team!!!! That’s the church I used to go to when I lived down in L.A.! I went there a few weeks ago when I was in Hollywood visiting people and the team had just gotten back. They shared their pics and talked about their trip and I was SO JEALOUS!! How weird that you found their blog!

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