Sorry to have fallen off the face of the earth for the last two weeks. I was lucky to get no orders for the store (is that lucky?) while I was on vacay. We were near Chicago for the weekend before Christmas, and then home for Christmas night when my twin sis and her hubbie flew in to stay with us for a week! Lucky me. So I disappeared for a while only to be seen by those who work at the grocery store, or the movie rental store. It was so cold the latter half of their visit, it made it hard to go outside. We were perfectly perfect to just veg for a while. Now feeling refreshed it is back to reality today and tomorrow. Then I get to go back and fly out with them to California! Will be there a week and excited to be of any help with the Trafficking Awareness event they are holding on campus in Bakersfield. Tina and I screenprinted one morning making shirts for those who are helping. It is their “Free To Be” event. So excited!
Here are some pictures from the season…
Brian and I at the church’s Christmas-music-event-thingie. This was supposed to be our Christmas card, but we never got around to writing one…
Santa came early and brought us a Bebo Norman CD!
He knew we needed something for the drive.
Good taste.
This is up near Chicago with B’s mom, Ginny.
I thought it was a funny picture because
I look like I’m laying down on the air.
Christmas night! Tina and Adam came.
Here is Tina and I chill’n.

aannnndd… Tina…eating her present. Making sure it’s real? She’s so funny.

And the first screen I’ve ever made without a teacher helping! For T-Shirts. You can read more about the event on Tina’s blog.


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