Free To Be…

This past week I was in Bakersfield again where the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship group at Cal State was rasing awareness about human trafficking. They did such a great job! It was really good for me to learn from them and to have good conversations with students.
My sister and her husband are on staff with InterVaristy. Along with their students, they used this event as an outreach not only to raise awareness, but also to show that Jesus cares about social justice, and what a spiritual repsonse is to this problem, along with a physical response.
I set up shop as well, and sold a few things from the store. But what I really gained from this was the questions that students brought up. Some disagreed that slavery was even happening, especially in the US. One student told me he thought no one in the US is forced to do anything. So it was good for me to respond to skeptic students. Hopefully something will click with them in the future.

Bakersfield IVCF students rocked.

– Tammy


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