Planes Tranes and Automobiles

Yesterday I made the trip back to Illinois from California. I started at Bakersfield airport, layover in Pheonix, landed in St. Louis. Got picked up and taken to Alton, where I caught a train to Bloomington, where Brian picked me up and we went came back to EP. Long day. But it was a good week spent in California. I to see my fam and tried helping out at Tina and Adam’s Free To Be event on campus.
Friday we drove to Shaver Lake. The mountains and I are good friends, so it was difficult to leave them again. But they provided us with a perfect day for snowboarding on Saturday. A little chilly in the morning, but by the afternoon I was down to one long sleeve shirt. Snowboarding is the most freeing sport for me, it is the only sport I feel comfortable going fast with. Put me on a moutain bike and shove me down a hill and I will hold the brakes down the entire time. But the faster you go on a snowboard, the easier it is to carve through the snow. (The harder you fall too, but worry about the when you get there.)
Not really many pictures to share. But here is a bird outside my aunt’s cabin…

And here is a picture of Adam’s exposure art.

Miss my fam, but I am happy to be here with Brian. I missed him. Happy to have him to come back to…



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  1. hi Tammy! Wanted to link you to my wedding photos:

    Also, Here are a bunch of non pro pictures. there is a great one of you and Brian at the rehearsal dinner.

    Can’t wait to see you

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