2008 will be a good year. I can feel it in my bones. Maybe because right now it is snowing and I am looking forward to springtime, when the sun is shinning and the grass is green. Not that I am looking forward to the vicious poison ivy like I got various times last year. (See Funny Story Below)

Something funny that I saw recently, on another blog of course…

Human Calendar…So funny! Let’s get 31+ friends together and do that. Yeah? It would be a fun-across-the-continent thing to do.

Funny Story Below

Last spring I got Poison Ivy…really really badly. I had it all over. I missed work because I looked like an Ogre. I had it the same weekend that we caught the bike trail attacker. While giving a statement to the police officers, one of them hadn’t been involved until that point of the case. He pointed to my face with his pen asking “did he do that to you?” referring to the huge blotches of puffyness that were making my eyes swell up every morning when I woke up. I said “no….it’s poison ivy”. He replied ever so sensitively, “Oh, get the hell away from me!”


Hope you are having a good Thursday and that we get enough snow tonight to not have to go to work tomorrow!



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  1. I miss the snow. Mexico City is pretty amazing. Being here makes me want to go on a long term mission with you guys, but at the same time, I disappointingly confess that I am so used to my own space, comfortable bed, blah blah western stuff, I cringe a little when I think about it.

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