Casual Friday

I work in an office. We do not have Casual Friday. We are a manufacturing company who does not have Casual Friday. We allow men to walk around with shirts on, that they clearly just took out of the box and put on. With two vertical lines down the sides and two horizontal lines towards the bottom. I like to call that, “man box wrinkles”. My favorite is when even the tie has one fold in it. I’m all for bargains that have the shirt/tie/box combo, but let’s iron them before wearing them at least.

It irks me sometimes, because my moral can get a little low, and I think that wearing jeans on Friday’s would help me feel a little better.

However, I remember seeing people were jeans to the office on two occasions in the last year that I have worked here. One was the Friday before the Superbowl, we were allowed to wear jeans and the colors of our team of choice, which was either the Colts or the Bears. I live in Illinois, which is Bear country. Brian and I are Colts fans. I was given a hard time by every guy in the office for wearing Colts gear, (which I don’t need to remind anyone who won the SB last year,) and my boss (es) gave me a difficult time because I wore jeans along with everyone else. The other time I saw people wearing jeans was December 1st 2007, when we got 1 foot of snow the night before.

So today, is the Friday before the Superbowl..and..we got a lot of snow last night. Perfect opportunity for me to wear jeans. So I am sitting here wearing jeans, and my moral is up 50%, and I am enjoying listening to the Coffee House on Sirius Satellite Radio.

I am not the only one who is taking advantage of the perfect Jean wearing conditions. My tally so far is…

(1) Myself in jeans
(1) Account Manager wearing jeans
(1) Engineer wearing jeans
(1) VP of Finance wearing a hooded sweatshirt w/ logo!

**Haha, whenever I write about work I always wonder if they will find my blog somehow. “Hi to those who I work with! Wear jeans more often!” **

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