Let’s Do A Giveaway!

I’ll give this one some more time unlike the last one. This time we are giving away one of our Six Strand Glass Bead & Brass Necklace that is made by women in India. (Worth $24 for free!)

So all you have to do this time write a comment on this post, with your first name, and how you found out about Dignity Regained. Then we’ll pick a name at random.

I look forward to sending it to someone!



7 responses to “

  1. I love my new bracelet! I was so excited I sent an email out to a group of friends alerting them to your site, cause and products.

  2. hey Tammy! Let me know when you post up your new products. My Seminary has recently put up a new community board where we can post links. I’d like to promote D.R. Much Love,

  3. I love your stuff and your cause. Hope all is well girl!

  4. Wu-hoo! I love dignity regained!

  5. you can send it to me!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i just linked you on my blog.. hope it helps!

  7. Hi, TAM! Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you “thanks” for what you’re doing! You’re helping so many people… I’m so proud of you! ;0) Susi

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