Two Papers, One Test, and a Funny Story

I took one of two tests for my Systematic Theology class today. Below is a picture of the required text for the class. Ahh! One really big book added to three more, and one “supplemental reading” on the left. My pre-test study was focused mostly on the texts pictured to the right. And wouldn’t you know that the test was about 95% from the one on the left. The puny little spiral-bound outline. Ack. Two more papers and one test to go. All to be done by next Friday.

All this thinking about Moody classes reminded me of a funny story. This was a story told me to by another Moody student while I was on campus.

There was a professor that used to call pop quizzes “Quiz-ies“. One day the class was discussing the difficulty level of the prof’s “quiz-ies“. One girl spoke up, “yeah, if your quiz-ies are this difficult, I’m worried to see how hard your test-ies are.” Once she realized what she had said, she cried.

Not sure if that’s how the whole story goes, but all-in-all, funny stuff.

🙂 T


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  1. Hi Tammy. This is Julie Stamm from church. (We were the ones that walked in late to S.S.) I came across your blog while looking at Dignity Regained. I think it awesome that you’re doing that and I’m interested in finding out more about it. Hopefully I can come by the new store sometime. Have a great week! We enjoyed the class and are looking forward to coming back.

  2. Hilarious story. wow. awkward. Miss you and hope life is treating you great.

  3. Hey, I want to see more from the blog. Let’s post eh?

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