You can take a look at what you are gifted at, and put it towards a cause worth fighting for. Everyone is so valuable in the fight against trafficking. Here is what Kelli from Drake Photo in East Peoria is doing:
It says “all session fees paid in June will be donated to help support The Well. The Well is a ministry in Thailand whose purpose is to love Thai bar girls and sex workers in the same way that Jesus loved the woman at the well and others like her; to help her see and experience her true value as a creation by God, and to help her, her family and village indeed find their dream of a better life. The well provides counseling, training, job development and other services to women and their family members.”

We have emailed some in the recent past with some folks at The Well. They have jewelry made by the women for sale, and we hope to carry it in the future.

How can you use your talents to further awareness, raise funds, and fight trafficking? Thanks Kelli!!

**If you know someone who is using their talents for this cause, email me (tammy @ dignity regained . org, no spaces) and I’ll highlight them on this blog and/or our website!**


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  1. I like the new look of your website! It is very nice. Good job!

  2. Dignity Regained

    Thanks so much! I wanted to open it up a bit so that we can add more info in the near future.

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