Worst Public Speaker……Ever…

Me. I like speaking, but I don’t. I try to get up an be funny…no one laughs. Then it just comes across as narcissistic. Tonight I got up to do a little diddy in front of the Jr. Highers in Morton, a couple hundred of them. I’m so not funny, just offensive maybe. It’ll get better right? Ack. My apologies to the Jr. Highers of Morton. 🙂 Not only did I forget to mention that all our proceeds go to organizations that fight trafficking, I also forgot to mention that our stores name is Dignity Regained. Hmm… So I guess they probably aren’t ready this blog anyway.

So if anybody in Central Illinois wants to see me talk for a while, be nervous, and try to be funny and fail miserably, I’ll be talking about my passion for women stuck in trafficking situations this Friday in University Baptist Church in Champaign IL at 7:00. Please laugh for me, maybe everyone else will too.



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  1. LOL, Tammy, you crack me up.

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