Pole Dancing Day

Happy May Day! Last night Brian said “tomorrow is May Day”. I said “isn’t that the day where the kids take the cloth and dance around the pole?” After clearing up whether or not I had said “Pull” or “Pole” with my Dudley-girl-accent, Brian still had no idea what I was talking about. Which now I realize how silly that sounds if you have never done it or have seen pictures. So I looked up some pictures this morning to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Has anyone actually done this? I don’t think I have.
photo from pen-points.blogspot.com

3 responses to “

  1. You did do it at school once in Firebaugh I think.

  2. …and “Pole Dancing Day” sounds funny with many connotations 🙂

  3. So that’s what you do in your spare time… lol

    See y’all on Sunday!

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