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  1. Hey Tammy and Brian…
    Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you guys…I and trying to wuit my job because ive accepted a new one…and it is SO HARD! tammy, i read that you recently quit, and i hope you didnt have as hard a time as im having. my life is crazy right now!

    ok, so my fave cook books are all by Isa Chandra Moskovitz…and rocks, and there are 3, i suggest getting all of the eventually. i love to bake, so vegan cupcakes take over the world is my fave. i make them for everybody!

    im also not 100% vegan…bc its SO hard to be vegan in real life, and i have serious issues with making people “accomodate” me with foodstuff…so i cook vegan at my house…and try to eat vegan when im out, but i also try to be realistic about it. i started too, by switching all my dairy to soy (milk, yogurt, shredded cheese) and then buy the fake stuff every so often, but mostly i just try to eat whole foods…yum!

    so, keep me updated, and you should probably take pictures of the food you try, so i can make it too 🙂


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