Time for a giveaway, yes?

It has been quite some time since our last giveaway. They are becoming increasingly successful. Hopefully we have lots of participants this time. Here is what we are going to giveaway.

$20 Dignity Regained Gift Certificate!

Woohoo. yeah. This will go to one lovely person, (maybe a few, we’ll see). I’ll be really happy (maybe even a little surprised) to see if anyone participates in this. So here’s what you can do to win:

This is an inspiration giveaway. So in the comments area, tell us at least one thing you have resolved to change in your own life to help other people in our world.

Examples are: changed your gift buying to only fair trade, started riding your bike to work, joined the big brother/sister program, etc. Let’s inspire each other! It’s ok to brag about yourself in this comment. Not too much though. 🙂 You can put in more than one as well. Just make them separate comments.

I’ll even make the prize much bigger, if you will take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper saying what you are doing. (With permission to post it to our blog.) I’ll try to do one tonight. You can send them to: inspiration@dignityregained.org

Update: Here is my inspiration picture. This is my foot hanging out in the store. (Sorry for the yucky chipping polish.) So I support Fair Trade and I didn’t use any paper for the inspiration picture!

So far we have been inspired to conserve, to give gifts with purpose, and to buy Fair Trade when possible.


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  1. I have no need of a gift certificate (not much of the jewelry-wearing type), but I do have this story: my car died in July, and instead of replacing it with another car, I decided to replace it with a bike (my old bike actually also “died” about three weeks ago) and the bus (which itself is quite convenient here in Chambana). It was about equal parts financial necessity and environmental responsibility (which thanks to high gas prices are starting to become the same thing, finally).

    Oh, be sure to say “hi” to Brian for me.

  2. Hi Tammy! This is Marcie at OC 🙂
    This last Mother’s Day, World Vision sent out “Mother’s Day gift ideas” which allowed me to make a donation to a special project in my mom’s name. I chose a project that works to help sexually exploited girls (they are given counseling, medical care, vocational training…). My mom received card from World Vision explaining about the donation and project and she was so touched by this gift! (and it will last so much longer than the vase of flowers I usually send her.)She asked that I do this for future Mother’s Day gifts as well. :o)

  3. As an executive member of our Student association at my seminary, I’ve switched all coffee we provide for free to students, to fair trade coffee only. We’ve also encouraged all offices to switch to FT. Most have.

    Next year we’re hoping to enact a better recycling program and more community service.

    On a side note, Do I have your permission to post DR information on our community online board? People at CTS are always looking for places like these to purchase things.

    Keep being awesome Tammy!

  4. Dignity Regained

    Thanks for posting! It’s encouraging to me that you all are being intentional. We’ll give it a few days and then giveaway the gift cert.

    **Jill – Complete permission. I appreciate you spreading the word!**

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