Asleep in front of the TV

I’m really happy to be back after a long weekend. I feel refreshed and rested. My work schedule of 5:30a-4:00p catches up with me rather quickly, and I find myself sleeping during the day much more than usual. But I absolutely loathe sleeping during the day, (this doesn’t count sleeping in while there is daylight.) I even watched a movie with our laptop and slept through pretty much the whole thing. What a laying on the couch, lap top on my belly, and me snoozing away. Sad. While I feel guilty relaxing sometimes, I also find that if I work too hard, my body decides to rebel, and tells me that it won’t go any further. This results in me spending two days sick on the couch whether I like it or not.

So what is happening at Dignity Regained?Well! Last week we sold our very first piece of artwork! A wonderful photograph by a local photographer. She donated it last year and it sold for $30. I know that seems small, but it was a large triumph for the store. I am really hoping that our “artist connection” program start developing more quickly. I would love to have a non-profit get on board with us, and let us donate some art supplies to them so that their women can become artists. I would also like to see more artists donating work so that the program can be possible. But until these two things happen, the proceeds from artwork will go directly to organizations of the artists choosing. For “Days of the British” we donated the $30 to AFESIP.

**If you would like to donate artwork, please contact me and send me an image of it and we can discuss possibilities.

Also, because of your shopping, we donated $200 last month to

Hagar International. For May, we were able to donate $100 to the Not For Sale Campaign and their urgent call to act for the children who have been orphaned by the cyclone and are being preyed upon by traffickers. The Not For Sale Campaign also matched our $100 making it into $200.Thanks for making that possible!


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