One thing after another…

I was sick the week before last, and then I had my battle with poison ivy. What a mess that was. It started on my neck, and I told Brian that if it got any worse to just shoot me. I had it three times last summer. I thought the first time was the worst…until I got it last week. My eyes did not react well to it. I found myself in the emergency room at 5 am this past Friday morning wanting to beg someone to just peel off my skin and start over. My right eye was swollen shut with just a sliver of vision, and my left eye was following suit. After seeing a combo of four nurse/doctors in two hours, the decided to give me oral steroids. Blah. I really wanted a shot for a more immediate relief. No such luck.

The last nurse that came in gave me the first dose of pills. Then said “and stay out of whatever it is that you got into”. – Thanks a lot Sherlock. I thought I’d go roll in it tomorrow.

I think I’ll pass on Adam’s request for a picture of my face to accompany this post. I almost asked Brian to take one, just because I looked like a completely different person. But I don’t think it’s something I want to remember, nor is it something you probably want to see. But you’ll be happy to know that the swelling is down, and there is an end in sight. It is now just on my knees, one arm, and a little on my stomach. Yay. You never know how good “normal” skin and health feels until your not.

Unfortunately now Brian is feeling very congested and sicky. Pray for our health!



3 responses to “One thing after another…

  1. Well that just plain sucks. Period.

    Yet, imagine how awesome it would be to have a time lapse (think picture a day) of your face over the last month or so. Come on here, let’s think of the science and health community.

  2. Hmm… that’s actually kind of a fun idea… time lapse photography. Brian’s got the fancy camera and Rob is an editor, it could be done really easily!

  3. callie m bertsche

    oh man! hope you guys are finally getting better from your escapades!! 🙂 i love the pictures on your blog!

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