It drives me crazy and it keeps me sane. As much as I hate it, I’m feeling a little off balance right now because I need more structure. I’m not even sure that is the solution.

Dignity Regained is at a cross roads, because I don’t know how to organize it’s business structure. It’s something I think about everyday, and it’s something I’ve tried to research a lot. I’m just afraid of doing it wrong, but I’m also afraid of not doing it now. If anyone knows someone or is someone that knows how non-profit vs. for-profit structures work, please email me! I’m afraid of spending money we don’t have, so I thought I’d throw this plea out first.

This among a few other things is making me feel fatigue. The shop has been slow the last couple of weeks, not so many great conversations with shoppers. Illness and poison ivy attack. Then yesterday I watched the movie “Trade” for the first time. It brought me back to the purpose, but made me feel that much more inadequate and unstructured. The madness of trying to find my way in the social venture world, trying to direct shoppers to our website, and trying to stay focused has been difficult for some reason lately. How inadequate I am. Luckily our God is more than adequate.



4 responses to “Structure

  1. I’m not the one you want… but my CPA from work does alot of NPO work, I can see if he has someone in mind.

  2. You’re doing a great thing and I believe that God will give you the grace, strength, and wisdom to finish this “good work.” I will pray for you.

  3. I understand how you feel. I often feel like I am not doing enough myself.

  4. Hey Tammy

    starting a non-profit is not easy! youre just at a little bump in the road. folks that i know here in chicago who have started their own non profit and got their 501c3 status had LOTS of meetings with other agencies doing work a little bit similar to their own. maybe you can find an agency near you that works with women, or even a DV shelter, and maybe they can contribute somehow…or at least you can bounce Qs off them and get feedback on your model.

    since i started working in the non profit world, my mantra has been ‘no need to re-invent the world’ because theres lots of amazing people who have already worked really hard on some of this stuff…:) so partner with them! the networking is the intimidating part…but all these people think like us to some extent if they choose to work in this field at all…so we have common ground.

    i know your model and mission are a little different, but that makes it more sustainable in my opinion, and that doesnt mean that another non-profit wont have really good experience with some component of your work.

    everything ebbs and flows. youre doing a great thing! keep your head up.


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