Summer Daze

It has been a great long weekend. We have been busy and tired but it’s been good.

For the 4th we went to the Red, White and Boom show on the Peoria Riverfront with Brian’s cousins. Here is us playing some cards.







Brian and I right before the show.

Then yesterday we went to Bloomington to hand out with some of Brian’s friends from college, Jason, Tony, and Christine. We went to the park and the boys played some disc golf. I didn’t play because I was hungry, which meant if I played it would prolong dinner about two hours. 🙂

Fortunes of note…
After disc golf we went out for Thai food at Nana Thai. Instead of fortune cookies, they have cookie rolls with a fortune rolled up inside. I love the cookies so we bought a box of them. The first fortune is one that I got with my meal. It says “You have so much to be thank you for.” I thought it was funny.

The next one was one that came in the box. A lot of them were frilly. One told me that I am “the guiding light of her existence.” What?
But then I got the best one of the whole night…
“Man who goes through airport turnstile sideways is going to Bangkok.” At first I didn’t get it, until I turned it over to Brian. Reading it out loud helped.

Fashion of note…

I’m not really a person that dwells on clothes and shoes too much (ok I like shoes a lot, but I don’t really have many I just like to look at them in the store). But a couple months ago I was tagging along with a friend who was looking for shoes when I happened to spot these shoes. $9 down from $79! I don’t normally fall all over myself because of a sale on clothes because I’d rather support handmade and fair trade. But my worldly desires overcame me and I couldn’t say no. 🙂 I haven’t worn them yet, because….well I don’t really have a pink dress or anything, and I don’t think I could run around in them at the coffee shop. But I am going to wear them to church this morning so I thought I’d snap a pic of my good find. (For any that care of course!) Also, the bag that I have been sporting lately (below) has gotten so many compliments! It was my grandmothers. She gave it to me and I wore it for the first time with my post-wedding-reception dress that I changed into before we left our reception.



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