Hi everyone,

I was just reminiscing about me -n- B’s honeymoon and telling someone about where we stayed.  It was this lovely Inn on the southern coast of Washington.  It was the most perfect place for a getaway!  I was just on their website and I thought I would share some of their pictures with you…

all pictures from Inn at Discovery Coast.  Good spot to go, especially if you like lighthouses, beaches with cool breezes and no one on them, and kites.  (The have a kite festival every year!  We just barely missed it.)  Every morning the place a lovely basket of breakfast goodies at your door. 

Next vacation… Maine!!


2 responses to “Vacay

  1. Let us know what & when your plans are for Maine – we will scoot down and meet you! I want to take a trip to NH to visit my great aunt soon anyways, may as well make a weekend out of it!
    Hope all is well!

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