US dollar effect on globalization [part 2]

Interesting comment by Revizzy(my cuz) to start a rousing conversation.  Not that I only want to focus on Wal-Mart, but it certainly a good example

revizzy // August 9, 2008 at 1:15 pm

As with everything, there are two sides. Hopefully we can change what needs to be changed, but at what cost? I mean, for an extreme example: Walmart. I know that the corporation engages in very shoddy practices that are unethical. But, When you see that family that actually needs help (and not the ones cheating the system) and the fact that they can buy more groceries to feed their children at walmart, than other stores…. I mean… At what cost to we fight the evilness of Walmart? It will effect those here in America that can barely afford to feed their children.

It’s a vicious cycle. So you just start where you can. I believe that if we fight the systemic problems of America, such as economic racism, then perhaps we can better be available to other issues (especially economic)

It is a vicious cycle.  Wal-Mart makes it easier for people for people who can barely afford to feed their families, because they are able to buy more food, but why are these people barely able to afford to feed their families?  What effect did Wal-Mart have on the outcome, causing that cycle.  And how can that be turned around? 

What part is the church supposed to play in this?  Are they to stay out of it?


One response to “US dollar effect on globalization [part 2]

  1. The church is a good place to start. I mean, you’ll get into controversy because each church is different but I’d hope each and every church would stand up for Justice, stand up for those who are lacking basic human rights (but then you have churches who don’t allow women to participate and churches who preach against homosexuality. Now I don’t particulary care if people think its a sin, but its a violation of basic human rights to say two people who love each other can’t have the same rights as others. Marriage is a human right not a heterosexual privilege and its wrong for the government to say what’s what)

    So anyway, but churches need to stand for the equalization of the economic status of all. Traditionally, those who cannot feed their children come from lower economic backgrounds that consists of poor education opportunities. Now I don’t know what role walmart has played in the system, but the system is corrupt. You have to change the way the system operates. Right now, the system serves only those of white middle to upper class folk and continues to fail those who are actually in need of assistance.

    I mean, come on?! Tax cuts for the wealthy? For the big oil companies? What kind of policy is that?

    How do our actions really help those in need, or are we not thinking about how we are participating in the systemic problems of America?

    (And Yes, Walmart is a systemic problem. But At that rate, So is any other Big Box store. I mean, Target is pretty crappy too when you realize their practices)

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