Lives under my skin…

So I know I said that I didn’t want the globalization conversation to be about Wal-Mart.  But!  I did just remember a small conversation I had with someone a couple months ago.  It is a little humorous, and gives a small picture of some people’s view.

I brought a sample of products from Dignity Regained to a local church that has strong values for social justice.  While I was setting up a woman came to chat about the products.  Holding one, I told her that it was from India. 

She said “oh I bought something at Wal-Mart yesterday from India.” 

I wasn’t really sure how to respond.  B

ut I didn’t have to, she then said “but it probably wasn’t Fair Trade.” 

Me-“Probably not.”

Her – “I guess Wal-Mart is necessary evil of life”.

::Is it really?::  Can we just try to simplify life a little more and not buy everything the world is telling us we need, at a extremely cheap price, at the cost of other people’s freedoms?  Is that our freedom?  Am I just living in la-la land? 

On another lovely note.  It was a beautiful weekend!  So nice to have our windows open, sit outside in the sun without feeling too hot.  I feel guilty for being inside right now.  I should be out enjoying it.  Hm.


One response to “Lives under my skin…

  1. Hey Tammy,
    I could talk about this stuff forever…and I totally agree that there is always one more level down the chain of blame…that always leads to major systemic issues in our country (racism, sexism…lots of the other isms…)

    I’m sure you’ve seen this:
    It’s interesting and painful…
    Talk to you soon!

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