Back from the couch…

Yep it’s true. I’m 12 weeks preggo today. It’s been pretty rough thus far and I’ve been MIA pretty much since the end of October.

I went to California on Oct. 31st for the weekend to tell my parents that I was baking a person. I felt pretty good on the way there, but by Monday morning I was in tears not wanting to get back on a plane. I’m not sure I’ve even been in an airplane bathroom before, but I became well acquainted with the plane from Fresno to Denver with a very non-sympathetic flight attendant.  I finally made it home that night and in the next couple of weeks I contemplated what I would like more, a bigger bathroom so I could set up a cot for convenience, or a small bathroom with the sink even closer to the potty.  (Sorry TMI). 

That led me to close the store for over two weeks, barely making it from the bed, to the couch, to the bathroom, and back with all day “morning” sickness, only going outside for twice weekly doctors visits, who were concerned about dehydration and weight loss.  Now over a month later I’m finally starting to have some more “normal” days.  For some reason every Monday so far has been awful.  But by Tuesday I feel better with the exception of just being exhausted from the day before. 

This is not all to ask for pity…although some days I wanted it…it’s all to just tell you why I’ve been so out of it and missing.  Brian has been super great, super understanding and super excited.  So don’t feel bad for me, soon I’ll be fat and happy.  We are very excited to be leaving in a week and a half for a two week California Christmas with the fam.  The store’s last day will be Saturday morning December 20th. 

From the store with my saltines and powerade…
Tammy and baby Junebug


4 responses to “Back from the couch…

  1. You know I totally understand! I am so excited for you and hubby. If you have any time while in town, give me a ring. Id love to show you our new place.

  2. last day? like closing for good or just for the 2 weeks?

  3. your online presence has been missed. Glad to see your back.

  4. OMG Junebug is such a cute nickname for a baby. 🙂 I kind of like the name June. It’s old school classy. 🙂

    Good to hear from you again in the BLogosphere! Have fun in CA!

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