CPSIA, Junebug, and California

On my mind lately has been the CPSIA, or Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.  Did I loose you already.  I think I’ve lost myself.  Even though I think about it a lot, I haven’t done much research.  If anyone has read into this I’d love to hear your thoughts.  What I do know if the Fair Trade and Handmade community is not happy about this.  From what it looks like, with good reason! 

This has to do with products that are made for children 12 and under.  After February 12th, all products that fall into this category will be required to undergo testing for lead to stay on the market.  I am all for children’s safety, but this testing is going to be super pricey, and many are worried that only larger corporations are going to survive this new law.  To illustrate this, one Etsy seller has put a typical tested product of hers up for sale.  While it is humorous, it also tells us, there must be a better way!


Our Junebug

I’m almost 18 weeks.  And yesterday I started to feel little flutter kicks!  It was so exciting.  I’m feeling them again this morning and it is nice and reassuring, and makes me think about the little guy/girl a lot!  I’m starting to gain my weight back, however I am still on my medication for nausea.  I’m glad to be eating meals again.  I’m not in maternity clothes yet, but have recieved so many from friends.  I’m going to have such a great summer maternity wardrobe when the time comes, due to my great friends and family!


I thought I should post a few pictures from our Christmas trip to California.  We had such a good time!  All photo credits go to Brian.  And I used Polaroid.net to change the pictures into polariods.











2 responses to “CPSIA, Junebug, and California

  1. I love the pics! They are very good. Glad to hear little baby is kicking – what a blessing!

  2. Just a fellow preggers due in June.
    I love that pink skirt “Junebug”

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